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Call for Proposals

Blau Syndrome Research Symposium

June 25-27th, 2020

Royal Roads University, Victoria BC

2005 Sooke Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Important Dates


February 16, 2020

Proposals for the 2020 conference may be submitted electronically by 11:59 PM PST

March 15, 2020

Presenters will be notified on status of proposal

June 25-27, 2020

Research symposium

I.General Information

The Cure Blau Syndrome Foundation and associated sponsors are hosting the inaugural Research Symposium at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. Patients, medical doctors, scientists, and advocates will be collaborating on pertinent issues including quality of life, advancements in treatment, disease progression, clinical research, and advocacy.  

II.Guidelines for Submission and Deadlines


Proposals must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on February 16, 2020 to Please consider the Guidelines for Submission prior to submitting your proposal. Presenters will be scheduled on June 25 or June 26, 2020.



The proposal organizer will receive an email confirmation when a proposal has been successfully submitted online. If you do not receive a confirmation email message, contact  The lead presenter will be  notified of the decision regarding acceptance or rejection of the proposal by March 15, 2020. The lead presenter must notify all participants of the proposal’s acceptance, scheduled time and date of the session, and other relevant information when this information is received.


IV.Types of Submissions


The following types of proposal submissions will be accepted. Please indicate your preference and we will do our best to accommodate your selection:

Lecture Session

This 45-minute lecture session is open to those interested in presenting their scholarly, research-based, or creative activities. Lectures will be categorized for target audiences of medical professionals/scientists and patients/advocates. Please provide 30 minutes for the lecture and 15 minutes for questions and answers at the end of the session.


Poster Session

This 45-minute poster session is open to those interested in presenting their scholarly, research-based, or creative activities. Graduate or undergraduate students presenting are asked to identify their affiliation with a college professor/faculty member in the presentation. Presenters must display their work on provided poster boards and answer attendee questions. Posters will be categorized as clinical, translational research or patient experience/quality of life.


Panel Speaker

Participate in a 45-minute panel session with a panel of speakers with a related interest. Panel discussions will center on 1) therapeutic challenges in Blau, 2) understanding disease mechanism, and 3) disease impact on patient and family.

V.Review of Proposals and Criteria


All proposals receive a review by Foundation Board Members and the Foundation Medical Advisory Board as needed.

General criteria for review:

  1. Significance to the field

  2. Clarity of proposal

VI.Presenting at the Conference


All presenters are expected to make well-organized and coherent presentations on their specific content. Professional dress is required.  If presenting a poster, it is recommended that posters be 30x40.

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