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We are planning projects and events to raise funds but there are also so many ways that you can help us to fundraise.


We are always ready to offer our help, expertise and inspiration. Here are 8 ideas that can be applied in the community, at work, at school and at home. Your ideas are always welcome!


1.      Car Wash: Get your kids and friends together and wash cars in exchange for donations.

2.      Lemonade Stand: Set these up with the kids or a few friends on a warm summer day.

3.      Concert for a Cure: Find a band who will hold a benefit concert for Cure BS. You can hold the event at a local, bar community hall or even in your backyard.

4.      Golf Fore a Cure: Hold a golf tournament with community donated prizes - this is a great way to raise a large amount but it will require a significant amount of work. We have literature we can send on how to organise a successful tournament.

5.      Silent Auction: Tie in with a local community event by holding a silent auction containing items donated by local vendors. We can provide template letters for requesting donations from vendors.



6.      Snack Days: Sell a special snack to students at recess and donate the proceeds. Some snack ideas include popcorn, hot chocolate, ice cream, watermelon etc…



7.      Go Casual for a Cure: Employees donate $5 to wear casual clothes for the day.



8.      ​Cocktail Party: Either a flat fee for entry or a per drink donation. (make it a safe ride home event by giving out free bus tickets).

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