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Advisory Board

Our medical advisory board to provides expert advice guiding our search for effective treatment options and ultimately a cure for Blau syndrome. If you have medical or research expertise to offer please contact us

Blau Syndrome Education

We cultivate educational opportunities on Blau Syndrome through social media, online forums, and research symposiums. Recorded education opportunities including our first ever Blau Syndrome Research Symposium in 2020 and our Educational Forum in 2023 which brought together leading experts to brainstorm research ideas and to inform and engage people living with and affected by Blau syndrome. 

Blau Patient Registry

We are currently in the process of creating a global database of patients with Blau syndrome. Unlike other databases, this registry can be updated by parents and doctors whenever changes in a patient’s condition are observed. This will provide more accurate and timely reporting on disease outcomes and effective treatments. We need to identify as many patients with Blau syndrome as possible. Stay tuned for information on how to register. For now, please register as a member for updates.  

Supporting Research  

Research is our focus and finding better treatments and a cure is our only purpose. 100% of your donations will be dedicated to this goal. We encourage researchers, scientist, physicians, PhD students, or anyone with great ideas to contact us with an expression of interest.  

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