Lexi has Blau syndrome.


Her condition means that she lives with constant pain. Nearly every joint and tendon in her body is inflamed and sore. Her eyes are being attacked by uveitis and if we cannot better manage the inflammation she will lose her vision. Lexi's growth is severely stunted and her bones are in early stages of osteoporosis. Her immune system is not effective and overreacts in unpredictable ways to viruses. A common cold can by life-threatening. This disease is progressive and she continually faces more and more challenges. Learn moreabout our story.


We are determined to find a cure for Lexi and for others who are battling Blau syndrome. To do this we need your help.


Because we have managed to identify this rare genetic variant in Lexi, it is promising that the research and trials we undertake will contribute to progress in treating other genetic diseases -  diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, IBD, Alzheimer's and so many more.